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General Rules

(See also Dance specific Rules)


  1. For Music and Spoken Word Sections, a copy of all work for the adjudicator must be handed in at the Door Secretaries’ table, before commencement of section. Unlicensed photocopies will not be returned to the competitor. In contemporary vocal sections music is not required however a copy of the lyrics must be provided.

  2. All sections shall be open to amateurs only, that is, people who do not derive a living income from performance. This rule does not apply to conductors or accompanists.

  3. In age limited sections - age is at April 30 each year.

  4. Competitors of any age are eligible to enter OPEN sections.

  5. Time limits are absolute maximum. Competitors will not be penalised if they perform for less than the maximum time. Performances are timed. A bell may be rung when time has expired. The performance must cease and performer leave the stage. The adjudicator may impose a penalty.

  6. One piece of work only to be presented except where indicated. The same item may not be performed more than once unless otherwise specified.

  7. Live accompaniment to be used (piano preferred) unless specified otherwise. Recorded music (MP3 files on USBs or CDs) may be used in some Vocal, School, and all Dance sections. No backing vocals on recorded music are permitted in Vocal sections. USBs (preferred) or CDs clearly labelled with competitor name, section number and track number must be presented to the Door Secretaries prior to each section. These will be tested prior to competition.
    No responsibility will be taken for dirty or faulty CDs – check on a music CD player (NOT a computer) and provide a backup copy. One (1) music track per CD.
    Schools – Live accompaniment is preferred for choral sections. Accompanists are available if required. Please contact the Convener.

  8. An Official accompanist is provided only for Open and senior vocal sections, excluding Pop. It is the responsibility of the competitor to contact the accompanist at least 3 weeks before the performance and provide a copy of the work to be performed. Rehearsal times and fees are the competitor’s responsibility.

  9. Sections with fewer than three entries will be cancelled or combined. When there are fewer than four entries in a section only one prize may be awarded. Order of sections as printed in Syllabus will not necessarily be followed when the Eisteddfod is programmed.

  10. In Juvenile sections where there are more than 15 competitors, the section may be divided into two, with First & Second prizes awarded in each.

  11. No parent or teacher will be allowed on stage or stage area during a performance, except in the capacity of accompanist or conductor or at the Committee’s discretion.

  12. Flash photography is prohibited during performances. Still photos may be taken with permission at the end of a performance (refer to Copyright Law 5).

  13. Any objections need to be lodged, in writing, with a committee member, within 30 minutes of completion of the section.

  14. Every care will be taken for the competitors’ safety, but the committee will not be responsible for any injury sustained by any competitor during the eisteddfod.



  1.  Communication with any adjudicator at  any time prior to or during a section is strictly prohibited.

  2. Prompting is to be done only by the adjudicator.

  3. Dress, grooming, posture and presentation are an important part of any performance. Work selected for performance should be age and gender appropriate.

  4. The adjudicator may, after consultation with the committee, withhold any prize where sufficient merit has not been displayed.

  5. Adjudicator’s Evaluation Forms are available free of charge, to be collected at the end of each section.





(See also General Rules)


  1. Music - Please Refer to Rule 7.

  2. No tapping is allowed on backing music in Tap Sections.

  3. No music with singing on it can be used in Demi Character or Classical sections.

  4. Exit music, tags and run-off music will not be permitted if over 8 bars in any performance. Please advise Audio Table if there is exit music.

  5. Tap Screws will be inspected as no screws are to protrude past the tap. This is a requirement of the Nowra School of Arts and the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. Offending screws will be removed.

  6. Stage props must not use highly flammable material. No naked flame or lighted matches are to be used. Any residue from props must be removed immediately after performance.

  7. No competitor may perform the same item / routine in more than one section. A change of costume and/or music does not constitute a change of routine

  8. Solo competitors must dance in their own age group only. One entry per student per section is allowed.

  9. Troupes must contain four (4) or more members.

  10. Inappropriate costuming and suggestive movements in any form including music choice will not be tolerated. The Adjudicator has the authority to insist that the routine be stopped immediately.

  11. Competition is open to amateurs only. Competitors who own their own dance school are not eligible to enter solos.

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