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Benefits of Eisteddfod

There are many benefits for those who participate in the arts and perform in eisteddfods.


Performing in an eisteddfod gives participants

  • a goal to work towards

  • greater focus to their practice

  • expert feedback

  • performance experience 

  • a chance to build confidence and skills

  • opportunity to see and meet others taking part


Below are some links we have gathered to helpful research-based articles that explain why exposure and participation in the arts are important.


Children Singing in a Choir
Choral Singing
Why singing in a choir is so good for you

Choral singing is good for you emotionally, physically and

Poetry, Drama & Verse
All the world's a stage

Drama performance, reciting poetry and verse and public speaking provide skills of confidence and help memory, learning and literacy development.

Piano Lesson
Playing an Instrument
Playing an instrument 
reaps rewards

Research has increasingly demonstrated that learning to play a musical instrument has so many benefits 

Music Class
Participation in the arts aids students in classroom and life

Research by the University of Sydney and the Australian Council for the Arts shows involvement in the arts has wide-ranging benefits for young people.

Two Young Ballet Dancers
Dance improves brain and body health

Dance can help improve physical health as well as social and communication skills.

Why song and dance are essential for children’s dev't

By communicating freely with the voice, face, and body, children learn to express ideas with confidence, empathise with others from different cultures and backgrounds, and feel at home in their own skin.

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